Add WooCommerce Version Check Support to Your Plugins



WooCommerce 3.2 was launched a couple days ago, and it brought some great new features. And there’s one that I personally really like: the WooCommerce version check support.

It’s really simple but it’s huge at the same time. It consists in just two lines of code that have a big impact on your plugins’ users by telling them your plugin is compatible with a specific version of WooCommerce. In other words it will avoid your users/customers to see this on the WC status report page:

So, to let the world know your plugin has been tested with version xx of WooCommerce, simply add those lines in the header of your main plugin file:

Here is a complete example:

Neat right?

According to the official documentation:

The headers should be updated after each major (4.0.0) and minor (3.2.0) WooCommerce release. They do not have to be updated after patch releases (3.2.1). You should ideally have these headers in your plugins by WooCommerce version 3.3.0 to get the benefits.

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