Looking for some WordPress and WooCommerce related stuff? I got you covered! I'm Remi, nice to meet you.

Here is my blog, where I write from to time to time, where I give free snippets, where I share my skills. I work at Automattic, and guess what? We're hiring!

My latest posts

WPBootCamp 2nd Edition: It’s a Wrap!

Back in September, I co-organized the second edition of the WP BootCamp, in Brittany, France. After organizing the 1st edition…

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WooCommerce 3.5: Bring Me That Preview Button Back!

Alright alright! You just updated to WooCommerce 3.5, and you can’t see the Preview Changes button anymore in the Publish…

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Customise WooCommerce Checkout Fields Based on Products in Cart

You can easily add custom fields to your checkout page in WooCommerce using custom code, or via the Checkout Field Editor…

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How to Customize the WooCommerce Checkout Page

Customizing the checkout page is one of the best aspects of WooCommerce simply because it’s the page where customers will…

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Force Customer Creation in Stripe with WooCommerce

By default, when an order is placed on a WooCommerce site using Stripe, the order is obviously sent to Stripe, a…

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WooCommerce: Remove Default Products Ordering Dropdown Select

By default, WooCommerce displays a nice and useful drop-down select to re-order products on the shop page. But many of…

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WooCommerce Stripe: Add Custom MetaData

Adding custom metadata to Stripe is easy with WooCommerce Stripe. You can send any kind of value to Stripe from…

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How to Disable All Payment Gateways in WooCommerce

So you have a WooCommerce shop but you don’t want to take payments? That’s neat! Please remind me to place…

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