Add WooCommerce Category Images to the Archive Page

By default WooCommerce doesn’t display category images on the products archive page. Here is a snippet that will allow you to automatically add category images without modifying your theme files. Simply copy and paste the following code in your functions.php file, within your theme folder.

Of course this snippet is the very basic, you can add custom CSS classes, IDs and more, but that’s a pretty good start. Simply keep in mind that WooCommerce doesn’t show category images by default and that’s intended, it’s not a bug. Feel free to r-use that snippet and make it your own, also post a link to your shop page when you customized it! ;-)

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  1. alexbanks:

    Hi Remi,

    So I have used this and noticed just how basic it is, the image does show but not in the style I need it to.

    In archive-product.php there is the following code which outputs the category title and description before the loop of products:

    The function posted here inserts the image at a hooks location, how can I insert ‘woocommerce_category_image’ manually?

    I have tried the following but it does not output anything:

    My goal here is to change the archive-product.php so that the category thumbnail is in one column and the category title / description to be in the other column.

    Is this possible?

    Many Thanks

  2. Trafic d'influence:

    Thank you – ou plutôt merci ! – for this nice tip. I just filled the alt attribute for SEO purpose.

  3. finishedfirst:

    Hi, thank you, this is very helpful. Is there a way to put in a revolution slider based on the category instead of the category thumbnail? Also is it possible to place the thumbnail inline for example if there were 24 products to a page, 4 columns and 6 rows, would i be able to replace column 3 and 4, rows 4 and 5 with an image or slider?

    For a better visual: The 1s are the products the 2s represent a single image.

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