WooCommerce Users Custom Meta Search Plugin

I just added a new plugin to the WordPress repo. It’s called “WooCommerce Users Custom Meta Search”. It’s a small plugin that adds WooCommerce users meta fields to the WordPress default users search. In other words this plugin gives the ability to search users by “Billing firstname”, “Shipping Country”, “Billing email”, or any other fields created by WooCommerce during the order process.


Get the plugin now!


6 responses to “WooCommerce Users Custom Meta Search Plugin”

  1. steve

    does this work with custom fields that we add? I enabled the plugin went to general and didn’t see the user fields search :/

    1. The code doesn’t display anything special, it just modifies the search query.

  2. zendesignfirm

    Hi Remi,

    Will this work with Admin Custom Order Fields?

    1. I would say yes ;-)

  3. Hi Remi, it seems to slow down our site with 80,000 customers. I’m unable to run even a simple customer search. Have you tested it on a site with this many customers?

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