WooCommerce Product Vendors: Display Vendor Details

WooCommerce Product Vendors is an awesome extension that adds to WooCommerce many features to help you create a whole marketplace like any Envato marketplaces (CodeCanyon, ThemeForest, GraphicRiver etc…), or Creative Market.

I have to admit I love that extension built by Hugh, one of my awesome fellows at WooThemes.

Today I’d like to share a little snippet that allows you to display vendors details within the “vendor” tab on the product page. By default the tab content is populated by vendor’s fields, but you can add more. For example to display the commission value use the following code:

Pretty easy right?

The final result:


6 responses to “WooCommerce Product Vendors: Display Vendor Details”

  1. carlos

    WooCommerce Product Vendors extension is amazing. I was wondering if it is possible that one unique product can be sold by several vendors

    1. Yes it’s possible as vendors are considered as WP taxonomies

  2. Alfred

    I want to add a lengthy write up to the description field in the Product Vendors, the issue is it shows up exactly in the vendor profile, but becomes jumbled up in the vendor tab under single product page. Any ideas, why this is so?

  3. samsonphan

    Very cool. How can I add a photo for each vendor? Better yet, how can I have the vendor add his own photo? Thanks

  4. daniel

    Hi, great blog!! , i have a problem with product variations.

    i have two attributes : color(black, blue and green) and size (X, M , M and L) but… just black and blue color have all size … the green color just need 3 size of them. Also i have a different sky by color ..

    i put black with any size ( first variation and sku: aaa1), then blue with any size(second variations and sku: aaa2) but with green if a select any size , cant be because just need 3.. and if i add each individual variation i cant set the same sky for the 3 size ..

    there is a way to solve this kind of variations ?
    kind regards ..

  5. Laz

    Your blog is the go to place for me when it comes to Woocommerce. Thank you for all the snippets and code.

    I am trying to display all the products from a single Vendor (the vendor whose product page you are on) , kind of like the related.php just replace the page’s code with Vendors.

    * Related Products

    Thank you in advance…

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