Tuto: Create a Twitter App

I created a plugin called “Easy WordPress Long Tweets” distributed on CodeCanyon for only $10. This plugin requires that you create a Twitter Application. That’s pretty easy to do, but i would like to explain here how to do it. Follow the guide !

Sign in to Twitter for Developpers

First of all, and even if it’s obvious, you have to create a Twitter account. Once you have your account, you have to go on the Twitter page for developpers. To sign in, just click on the top right of the page, on the “Sign in” button. Enter your Twitter credentials and validate. You’re then redirected to the homepage of the developpers page. Click now here, or click on “my applications” (this link appears on your username rollover).

Create the Twitter App

Click on “Create a new application”. Here is what you should see:

Fill al the fields. Every field has a description that will help you understand what to put in. In the App field name, you write something like mywebsite.com. Here is what you should see once the app is created:

Click now on “Create my access token”. Here is the result:

Please note that now your application is created, but we now have to modify the app access level. By default it’s a “read only” level, but we have to switch to “Read and write”. So click on the “Settings” tab. and update the access:

And finally click on the “Update” button at the bottom of the page. All you to do now is insert the correct values in the corresponding fields in the Easy WordPress Long Tweets settings.


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