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I recently wrote a tutorial on WPexplorer related to WordPress menus custom attributes. It’s something that isn’t covered that much on the internet and that’s why i wanted to make it a bit clearer. Many people don’t know that you can add your own custom fields to a menu, and it’s really handful if you want to create a great unique menu. I created a plugin based on this tutorial.

In a few words, WordPress menus already have some basic fields such “Description”, “CSS” etc… but they are generic. If you have to code a menu for a client and you use the “description” field to display a subtitle on the frontend, you’ll probably lost your client. But if you add a “subtitle” field to the administration to display a subtitle on the frontend, well that makes sense. Do you see the difference? It’s not that much, for me it’s really important.

So, based on the tutorial, i submitted a plugin to the WordPress repository. I called it “Sweet Custom Menu”. This plugin is working and can be used out of the box, but i prefer to consider it more like a base to create your own menu. I know that adding just a subtitle to a menu isn’t a revolution, but understanding how i did it can improve your approach to WordPress menu API.

Download the plugin now!

Read the tutorial

9 responses to “Sweet Custom Menu”

  1. Hi,
    Your plugin seems to be very nice, but unfortunately it seem not to work with wordpress multisite enabled.
    Do you have a fix for this?
    (I tried on 3.4.2 and on 3.5 both with multisite, but no select nor checkbox is added at registration form.
    In the user table I see the mailchimp column.)
    Would be wonderful if it would work!

    1. Thanks Maximilian! I have to check that, and i’ll update the plugin.

  2. kcpearson

    Remi…I started using the plugin and it is placing a small square in every cell except those in the lats column of my pricing table. Have you seen anything like this?

  3. kcpearson

    Remi…this is the link to the issues I mentioned above. https://launchblot.com/pricing/

    1. That’s probably a bit of CSS that you should modify. Check CSS classes using the browser console.

  4. kcpearson

    I’m not entirely sure how to do that…are you meaning my theme CSS or your plugin CSS?

    1. Hey you’re not in the right section. You’re talking about the Pricing table plugin, not Sweet Custom Menu! Well, the CSS of the theme is overwriting some elements of the plugin css fo example:

      border-radius: 4px;
      -moz-border-radius: 4px;
      -webkit-border-radius: 4px;
      border: 1px solid #CCC;

      and in particular line 1211 in style.css :

      list-style-type: square;

      Next time please create a ticket in the support forum in the right forum! Thanks ! ;-)

  5. casio151

    I am using this great plugin on a danish website called http://www.stutteri-uno.dk, and it just works for me.

    One little thing… When I see the website on my mobile devices, the page title and the subtitle (made with this plugin) shows in one long line and are not split from each other.
    Is there a way to maybe set a “/” to split these two words from each other?

  6. joannaj

    I love this, absolutely what I was looking for!

    Currently I am making a mega menu and have started to use this.

    How would I go about showing an attribute (such as a checkbox for ‘enable megamenu’) on the first items only in the menu editor?

    I’ve got my code for the checkbox and outputs fine, but it currently displays on all items in the editor. I just want it to display in the first items only.

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