Starting to Play With #WTBFB



A few days ago, Daniel Espinoza, decided to create a little friendly competition between us at WooThemes. He called it “Blogging For Benjamin”. The idea behind this competition is to post as many articles as possible during the month of december. The more you post and the more you have a chance to win. This is a great idea simply because it will encourage guys like Mike Jolley, Coen Jacobs, Magnus Jepson, Patrick Rauland or Gerhard Potgieter to provide a huge number of high quality posts during december. It’s a bit like Christmas before Christmas.

To retrieve the competition’s posts, you can use the #WTBFB hashtag on Twitter.

So, what am i going to blog about? I will try to post stuff that you are waiting for, so it’s time to leave a comment just now to suggest me to clarify something regarding WooCommerce or WordPress, or to write a post about something that you find useful! I will be happy to help you understand advanced technics.

The whole WooTeam is welcome to join this competition, that means that you will have a lot to read everyday. To start, maybe you should add all WooTeam members to your tweetlist, then save the #WTBFB search to quickly access it.

The competition started yesterday, and there are already some great posts online, I personally recommend the one by Mike that you can read on his blog.

Finally, what can you really expect from that competition? Well, I would say at least a post by member during 31 days. That’s to say: 31 x 28 = 868 posts for december… it’s a lot. I will personally try to provide as many resources as I can, and that will be a good experience and a way to finally write all that posts and tutorials that I have in mind, and that I never wrote. Stay tuned!

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  1. I didn’t do the math, but wow, 868 posts would be AWESOME! I hope we have that kind of output. Thank you so much for participating Rémi!

    1. That will be awesome to have so many posts!

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