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It’s been a while i haven’t posted a tutorial here on my website… i really apologize for that. But there’s a reason for that: i’ve been working very hard. I created some new WordPress plugins, and i wrote a lot of posts on other websites. I wanted my new plugins to be really nice and with brand new parts of code. That’s why it took me time. But i’m really happy of the result.

New Plugins

I created these new plugins:

The new plugins are really nice, i really love the “Real Estate Properties Listing” one because it brings new technics and new features. It’s the first time i used a templating system. But i had to remove it because it was a bit to complicated for the buyers. That’s a shame because it’s really powerful. The thing is that when creating a plugin that has to be “universal”, sometimes some methods can’t work with every theme, that’s why it has to be more simple than what it could be.

The Pushover notification system for Easy WordPress Donations, is also something that i really love: each time you receive a new donation, a notification is sent to you mobile, isn’t great?

Recent publications

I haven’t only coded, i’ve been writing for others too. As usual i wrote for WPexplorer, but also for


But that’s not all, i’ve also been working on my new project: WPbillings. I have to admit that i’m a little late on it, but guess what i have to give more times to premium projects, than to free ones. Because yes this plugin will be free. It will allow you to handle you invoices, estimates, payments etc very easily… If you haven’t subscribed yet, you should do it right now! ;-)

ps: i forgot you mention that i ranked 134th for sales on CodeCanyon among more than 2000 authors!

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