WordPress default settings set-up easily

Every time you make a new install of WordPress, the famous 5 minutes install system set your website and that’s great just because it’s the easiest CMS installation script on the market. But, yes, there’s a but, the system creates default contents that you need to delete. Fo example the “Hello World” post, the “Mister WordPress” comment, 7 links in the links section, and all WordPress default settings such as permalink default structure or date and time settings. Let’s see how to avoid deleting default content and setting up your own defaults settings.

Define your own WordPress default settings

So to help you stop losing time at each WordPress install, i created a small plugin that you can customize, i called it “Easy Default Parameters“. Basically what this plugin does, is simply updating all your own parameters at the same time and also delete all WordPress default content. You can add parameters to this plugin simply by placing them in the main variable $args.

To use this plugin:

  1. Make your WordPress install as usual
  2. Place the easy-default-parameters folder in wp-content/plugins
  3. Edit the plugin settings
  4. Activate the plugin then deactivate it
  5. Take a cup of tea and relax

I recommend you to delete the plugin from your server in production mode just because the aim of the plugin is to be activated just once and that would be a shame if your client play with it and ruin some of the efforts you made by updating WordPress default settings by hand.

Get the plugin now


5 responses to “WordPress default settings set-up easily”

  1. Tom Hermans

    Good idea, one thing missing: the default widgets..


    1. I have never tried to automatically setup default widgets, but yes you’re right that could be a good idea!

  2. Tom Hermans

    I meant the default widgets like Search, Recent Posts etc.. who are always “on” when installing a new site.. and which you have to delete one by one..

  3. Jimmy

    Mr. Rémi

    I am very happy to meet you here. Could you please help me a bit?
    Two Woo free theme seems have problem in display correctly on home page, Please refer to wwe.electroniccigarette.im
    How should I correct them? How should I put the testimonial widget under Content widget?

    Another issue is about how to setup admin panel language for two subdomain, store.electroniccigarette.im and cn.electroniccigarette.im? My idea is to run two subdomain store in two language with diffrent admin panel.

    Please help! It’s out of topic ,I know. Sorry about that. But I just too confused, so please help.

    1. Hey, thanks for the message, unfortunately i can’t offer support here for this kind of request.

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