After a few months of blogging on, i finally decided to switch to a more personal website, that matters more to what i really do, and what i really love: wordpress development! I didn’t know if i had to use my name as the main url, but well, i will be easiest that way, i guess, for people i’m giving support to on Pippin’s Williamson website, or for PixelWorkShopThemes plugins buyers (plugins that i’m doing with Guillaume Marty) to find me…. and of course for all clients that buy my plugins from Codecanyon.

I wanted a nice logo, so i chose nice colors, and i did it in Photoshop in less than 10 minutes, and i wanted to bring a bit more personality to this website so i wrote the main architecture to keep thinks simple and clear for everyone that will arrive on this website. I also worked on my image for social networks such as Twitter (do not forget to follow me!) or Pinterest because i really like when there’s coherence between all actors of a same communication.

And finally, i decided to write in English, for the first time, even if my mother tongue is French. Si hope i’ll be able to provide decent content and that Google will never ever delete its magical Google Translation API… pray with me!

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  1. Congrats! The site looks awesome!

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