Looking for some WordPress and WooCommerce related stuff? I got you covered! I'm Remi, nice to meet you.

Here is my blog, where I write from to time to time, where I give free snippets, where I share my skills. I work at Automattic, and guess what? We're hiring!

My latest posts

How to Disable All Payment Gateways in WooCommerce

So you have a WooCommerce shop but you don’t want to take payments? That’s neat! Please remind me to place…

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Replace “Includes $xx.xx Tax” in WooCommerce Cart

Here is a super snippet that will allow you to tweak the way the WooCommerce cart displays the tax amount…

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Add WooCommerce Version Check Support to Your Plugins

WooCommerce 3.2 was launched a couple days ago, and it brought some great new features. And there’s one that I…

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WooCommerce Apple Pay: Move Buttons Below Customer Details

Here is a small snippet that will allow you to move the Apple Pay button (provided by Stripe) below the…

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Remove the WooCommerce 3.+ JSON/LD Structured Data format

WooCommerce 3 introduced a new format to structured product data called JSON/LD. Despite the fact that this improvement is a…

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WooCommerce Apple Pay: Add More Supported Product Types

Apple Pay is now available for WooCommerce via our Stripe add-on. That is pretty sick to tell you the truth….

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Disable WooCommerce 3.+ Zoom

In WooCommerce 3.+ there’s a cool new feature: the zoom! When you hover a product image when on the single product…

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Disable WooCommerce 3.+ Lightbox

Here is a quick way to disable the WooCommerce 3.+ default lightbox. It’s as simple as removing the lightbox theme…

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