I’m the 1st Codecanyon Featured Author for 2013!



2013 is starting really well: i’m the Codecanyon weekly featured author! What does that mean? Well, i’ve been chosen among more than 1700 authors to be represented on the first page of the website for an entire week. Basically, it’s a huge promotion for me and my items. According to Scott Wills, an Envato staff member :

What’s a featured author?

[Envato] pick files that stand out one way or another. This could be a new or interesting concept, it could be a file that has great design, it could be a file that we think ought to get more sales than it already has so featuring it might bring it some much-deserved promotion, or it could just be that it’s a really good best-selling file right now that we want to promote.

Wow! That’s really awesome. I don’t know how many authors been featured, but making part of them is an honor. It’s also a proof that my work is good and appreciated by the marketplace staff.


People i’ve been working with in 2012

That’s true, in 2012, i’ve been working really hard to provide good products, WordPress plugins and Themes, and it’s now paying! I’m also very lucky to work with talented people such as Pippin Williamson (Easy Digital Download founder and Codecanyon top author) or Guillaume Marty (Codecanyon second best selling author), and these guys are really pushing me to do better code, and provide better service. I’m also very pleased to work with AJ Clarke, the guy behind WPexplorer, and an awesome themeforest author.

My plans for 2013

For this new year i’m planning to more items, and better code. I’d like to do more in the Easy Digital Download project, but i also would like to create more WordPress themes. Something that i also really want to do is to create some plugins for WooCommerce, it’s a great plugin i want to work with. And finally i’ll be trying to do more BBpress related project (i already did some plugins and even a patch included in the latest version).

A new badge !

I was about to forgot the latest point about being the first Codecanyon weekly feature author: i won a new badge ! Yeah!

10 responses to “I’m the 1st Codecanyon Featured Author for 2013!”

  1. AJ Clarke

    Congrats buddy! I wish you the best in sales for the year!! Also looking forward to working on Symple Shortcodes Premium with you ;)

    1. Thanks AJ, yes we’ll do something really nice!

  2. Theme Blossom

    Congratulations Remi :)
    I hope that our new theme will provide more sales for you, too :)

    1. Thanks, i’m sure it will !

  3. Devesh

    Congratulations Remi. You have done some amazing stuff.

    Hope you have a great year ;).

    1. Thank you very much! And happy new year!

  4. WPSpeak


    I first heard and know about you after reading your guest post at WPExplorer few weeks back. Since then, I’ve been reading your blog and seen all the great products you have developed for the WP community. Great to know there are many more great WP developers.

    1. Many Thanks for the kind words, as Mailchimp says “it’s good to feel loved” ! ;-)

  5. Slobodan


    I’m glad to hear this, congratulations, it’s well deserved! Hope to work with you on some projects in future.

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