HTML5 for Web Designers by Jeremy Keith review

As i started to write a small review for other “A Book Apart” books, today i’m going to give you my thoughts about “HTML5 for Web Designers” by Jeremy Keith. This is the first “A Book Apart” book that has been published. Let’s go!

No use to reinvent the square wheel

Wow ! In the two first chapters Jeremy Keith is establishing a brief(?) history of HTML, XHTML and HTML5 during the last past years. It’s very interesting, but a bit heavy for a book i was reading lying on the grass, under the sun. I have never imagined it has been so complicated to set up the HTML5 basis, but and for those who are really interested in getting to know how everything started, these two chapters will be a great moment of your (web designer) life!

HTML5 Canvas & Web Forms

Chapter 3 and 4 are, for me, more interesting because Jeremy Keith makes there an overall of the new tags, attributes and methods used in HTML5. It’s not the first book i read about HTML5, but it’s in this one that i found all i needed. Every new tag is well explained, and the chapter about web forms doesn’t bring new things about what i already knew, but as i told before, the explanations are really great!

HTML5 Semantic

The other chapters are just awesome! I really saw in those pages the “A Book Apart” style: clear explanations, great writing style and fun! The chapter about semantic is very interesting, i learnt many things about the real difference between “section”, “div”, “article”, “aside” and other elements, but i also learnt more detailed points such as the real use of some them. In fact i think that most part of web designers don’t use the HTML5 semantic as they should, just because they were used to work with “span” or “div”, but with HTML5, there’s so much more to do!

Great Resources

At the end of the book Jeremy gives many resources to read or to download, and that’s very helpful to go further about HTML5, i really appreciated that .

Final Thoughts: 5 stars

As many of the “A Book Apart” books i already reviewed, “HTML5 for Web Designers” i give it 5 stars, because it found in it all the answers about the questions i had about a specific subject, written in a simple style.

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  1. Devilcantburn

    Awesome book !
    But moi je dis… il devrait y avoir une version FR et ES ! :D

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