How to improve BBPress ugly pagination in 5 lines of code



I’m using the excellent BBpress plugin to handle my support forum, and i have to admit that this plugin is really great. Honestly it’s one of the best WordPress plugin. But, there’s something i can’t stand in it: the BBpress pagination. To talk about this posts pagination, i just need two words: no style. So BBpress users please read my post, i’m going to give you 5 lines of code that will make your website more sexy!
[alert type=”info”]EDIT: I submitted an accepted patch to BBpress that solve this problem![/alert]

How to improve the BBpress Pagination

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not because i don’t like how the pagination is displayed on posts pagination that the code isn’t clean, it is clean, but no style is applied to it by default, so if, like me, you want to have something that looks better, just use this CSS code in your theme, in a third plugin or where you want:

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  1. Simple code lines but bring a HUGE different ;) Thank you so much for the tutorial

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