How to Disable All Payment Gateways in WooCommerce

So you have a WooCommerce shop but you don’t want to take payments? That’s neat! Please remind me to place an order on your site after your read that post then!

In all seriousness, many WooCommerce shop owners have a shop where payments aren’t required at all. Customers place orders and payments are not handled by WooCommerce, or not handled at all. And there’s a super easy way to disable all payment gateways at once, no need for a plugin, no need to pull your hair. The solution is just one single line of code to add to the file called functions.php, within your theme folder, or using a plugin like Code Snippets.

And boom, the checkout page now displays a lovely “Place Order” button, no more payment gateways… That’s a Christmas miracle!

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  1. Excellent Rami. There was a time we had a client that where her shop required no payment. We simply had to redirect the visit to the checkout page to another page containing the resource users were looking for.

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