Easy Theme Options

Easy Theme options is a really cool plugin that adds the ability to create as many site options as you want to customize your theme or your website. And you know what? Even when switching from a them to another you keep all your parameters… isn’t it great? Easy Theme Options is different from most part of theme options system because it’s not assigned to a specific theme, it’s a plugin, a real plugin, not a framework for a theme.

Field Types Available

You can easily create many field types such as:

  • Text input
  • Password input
  • Textarea
  • Checkbox
  • Select list / Dropdown
  • Multi checkbox
  • Radio Button
  • Taxonomy dropdown
  • Posts list / Custom Post Type list
  • Repeatable elements (with drag n’ drop)
  • Date field (with date picker)
  • Upload field (using media library)
  • Slider
  • Color Picker

Import / Export

If you switch to another hosting, and or if you want to have the same configuration on many websites, well, you just have to export and import settings in just two clicks!


It’s great to create site options, but it’s even greater to be able to display them easily… that’s why i included many shortcodes (auto-generated for each fields of course!) so that you can display wherever you want your options values… even repeatable elements are listed in a visual unordered list (ul tag).

Help is included

Under settings menu, you can access the help center that provides portions of code that you can use to create your options… Easy and powerful!

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11 responses to “Easy Theme Options”

  1. Zach

    Thanks for making this plugin! I have integrated it into the theme I am developing and have found it very useful.

    1. You’re welcome Zach !

  2. Ajaz

    Delete Image does not work, any help will be appreciated.

    1. Hi, yes i saw that a few days ago, i solved it but i still haven’t pushed the update.

  3. Soso

    Hello Remi,
    how to add WordPress editor to textarea in option page?

    1. This is not possible within this plugin.

    2. Angus

      Have a look at http://www.advancedcustomfields.com/ and the options page extension. Its really useful for adding site wide custom content areas.

      Thanks for the plugins and information Remi – you have a great site.

      1. Thanks, i know ACF! ;-)

  4. Jimmy

    I’ve got woocommerce multilingual run on multi site networks. I feel great.
    but the feathers and testimonial on home page still work terribly. Please help improving these two free plug-in. testimonial plugin get wrong permalink while features plugin work well on this issue. Don’t know why.
    Can you please shoot me a email. Please.

    sorry for out of topic again.

    1. no, i’m sorry i can’t provide support for this.

  5. caiocall

    Hi Remi.

    I’m trying to use Easy Theme Options plugin, I’m having a little bit of trouble with the checkboxes values.

    I see that the help page does tell users how to retrieve values from text inputs and images but I have no clue how I can retrieve values from the arrays that are generated by the selectboxes, checkboxes, radios and so on…. could you help us and send the complete information about how to retrieve data from that specific elements?

    I’m willing to build something like if you check an option then you show some content, if not checked then content is hidden, by using if and else, but they problem is when I try to get the value from that checkbox I get a message of “Array” if I use the code that is currently advised to be used at the help page:

    echo eto_get_image(‘eto_logo’)

    echo $eto_options[“eto_var”]
    echo $eto_options[“eto_slogan”]

    Can you help?

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