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Easy Admin Theme is a simple plugin that allows you to display a different theme for logged-in administrators while your visitors and members are still viewing the default theme. That’s a great method to work on a new theme in transparency.

Easy Admin Theme, free WordPress plugin

Sometimes i have to work live on a server to edit a theme, fix some bugs, or simply work on a theme just for administrators. So i created this plugin to be able to work on a WordPress theme that shows only to administrators, while all other visitors and members are still viewing the default theme. That’s simple but trust me, it’s so useful ! All you have to do is activate the plugin and choose the theme to display to admins… that’s it !

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4 responses to “Easy Admin Theme”

  1. Thanks for the plugin! Just wondering if there are any know issues with using a child theme? I have selected a child in the admin drop down for easy admin theme, but is seems to revert to the root theme.

    1. Hi, to be honest you are the first person to report me this. I have to check, byt to tell you the truth i rarely use child themes and i haven’t tested the plugin with a child theme.

      1. I had the same problem as John. It would be really nice to get a fix, if possible, because otherwise the plugin works beautifully.

  2. douglsmith

    What happens with things like theme and widget settings? Are they maintained separately so they can be altered in the admin theme without affecting the regular theme?

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