Easily find WooCommerce order ID

Here is a small plugin to add a new column to the WooCommerce orders list page that contains orders IDs.

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  1. Nicolas

    Hi Remi, what if I import/export orders from one shop to another and now the order id doesn’t match the post id?

    1. If you use the Woo CSV importer, then create a ticket on the support that’s the best thing to do.

      1. Nicolas

        function woo_order_extra_columns_content($column)
        if ($column == “order_ID”)
        $order = new WC_Order($GLOBALS[‘post’]->ID);
        echo $order->get_order_number();

  2. ielity

    Hi Remi, I am looking to add order item to the Woocommerce order list page. Is there a way to do this?

  3. drewmcmanus

    This looks exactly what I need but I have a stupid-simple question: where do I download the plugin?

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