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A few days ago, i wrote an article about making some part of a BBpress reply private. Well, i decided to improve the code provided in the post and to create a plugin. So, i’ve just added to the WordPress plugins repository a plugin called “BBpress Private Shortcodes” that you can download for free.

Basically, the plugin allows you to make a part of a BBpress reply private. You just need to use a shortcode and to embed your “private content” in this shortcode. The shortcode is “[ private ] … content … [ /private ]”.

When a message is embed into this shortcode, only forums administrators and topic owner are able to visualize the message. Every other visitor will see a yellow message saying that he can’t se the message.

Download the plugin now!


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  1. Joe Hana:


    great plugin, but it has some issue with the thread replies which users get subscribed to. The Content within the shorttags gets displayed in those e-mails – being some kind of a security issue :S

    Any chance for a fix or a hint how to fix this the best way. Thanks a lot.

    Keep up the good work


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