BBpress Private Shortcodes

A few days ago, i wrote an article about making some part of a BBpress reply private. Well, i decided to improve the code provided in the post and to create a plugin. So, i’ve just added to the WordPress plugins repository a plugin called “BBpress Private Shortcodes” that you can download for free.

Basically, the plugin allows you to make a part of a BBpress reply private. You just need to use a shortcode and to embed your “private content” in this shortcode. The shortcode is “[ private ] … content … [ /private ]”.

When a message is embed into this shortcode, only forums administrators and topic owner are able to visualize the message. Every other visitor will see a yellow message saying that he can’t se the message.

Download the plugin now!


One response to “BBpress Private Shortcodes”

  1. Joe Hana


    great plugin, but it has some issue with the thread replies which users get subscribed to. The Content within the shorttags gets displayed in those e-mails – being some kind of a security issue :S

    Any chance for a fix or a hint how to fix this the best way. Thanks a lot.

    Keep up the good work


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