Add WooCommerce users fields to user search

Here is a small plugin i just coded for WooCommerce users. This plugins simply adds some WooCommerce users custom meta fields to the main users search form in the administration. Out of the box, when using WordPress user search form you can’t search WooCommerce fields such “Billing First Name”, or “Shipping Last Name”. Well with this plugin you can! Oh and guess what? There’s nothing to configure, simply activate the plugin and the magic appears!

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7 responses to “Add WooCommerce users fields to user search”

  1. Charles

    Hi Remi, thanks for making this. At first I was thinking this would also allow us to search for a customer by name rather than email when on the add new order screen in the admin, but alas it does not. We take a fair number of orders over the phone, and being able to search for users by name and other meta, rather than just email address, when creating a new order in the admin would be AWESOME! Is there any chance you could extend this to handle that??

    1. Actually you can add all fields you want using this method, it’s up to you!

  2. Kelowna

    Any thoughts on how to search orders for Billing First AND Last Name? When I do that I end up with no results. Yet when I search for Billing first OR Billing Last I do receive returns – just too many…

    1. That’s doable with some adjustments, but i’m sorry i don’t have the time to do the adjustment! ;-)

  3. mattvd

    Hi Remi!

    Thank you for this plugin. I have a few questions, though. Is this plugin different from ?

    Also, this plugin is just for the Users section in WordPress, correct? You can’t go to Woocommerce > Orders and search your orders for a field like a company field?

    In addition, I don’t see anything in Woocommerce > Settings > General to set up fields to search?

    Thank you!

  4. carnelldesign

    The postcode feature is NOT working! Please help as this is the only feature I need, thanks:)

  5. jebb.domingo

    In the Order edit form, is it possible to search a customer by custom field/user meta?

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