A Sublime Text Like Coda 2 Color Scheme



I know, I know, I know… Sublime Text users will say that’s stupid, but well, i’m a Coda 2 user and i love it. Actually I love many awesome features in Sublime Text, but for now, I still code with Coda 2 by Panic. Until today i was using a GitHub like color scheme, but i decided to create a Sublime Text like color scheme… To tell you the truth, it’s not exactly the exact same color syntax, but it’s pretty close, and i really like it!

Here is what it looks like:


If like me you like Coda 2, but want to change the syntax color, simply download the color scheme and open it in Coda…. and the magic will appear…!

Download now

7 responses to “A Sublime Text Like Coda 2 Color Scheme”

  1. Grégoire Noyelle

    Hello Rémi
    Like I said to you last time (in Leiden :-) I was a long time coda user but I switch.
    The only thing I miss in Coda is FTP, iCloud, Mac friendly interface.
    Anyway, thanks for your theme. I will try it.
    See you

    1. I think there’s a FTP extensions for Sublime Text…

      1. Grégoire Noyelle

        I know but far less intuitive than Coda, like all file system in ST.

  2. mackdoyle

    Nice Job. PHP, JSON, Ruby look great! CSS/SASS could use a little more love though. And I agree, Panic did a great job with Coda. Sublime has its strengths but it hasn’t won me over.

  3. elliot

    Awesome – I keep being pushed away from Coda!

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