9 Reasons why I am attending WordCamp Paris 2016



WordCamp Paris 2016 is starting tomorrow, Friday 5th of January 2016, and I’ll be attending this amazing event. Let me give you a few reasons why I’ll be there and why you should join!

WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress.

1 – The biggest WordPress related event in France

No doubt, WordCamp Paris is the biggest WordPress event in France, and one of the biggest WordPress events in French on the planet. It’s probably the best reason to attend! Most of the WordPress French community will be in Paris this weekend, and it’s always a pleasure to meet users, companies, sponsors, freelancers or designers. This year, 500 hundred people will be discussing about WordPress all together in one place!

2 – 32 Talks!

Wow! 32 talks this year, that’s amazing. And I have to admit I am also impressed by the choice and the quality of speakers. Most topics will be covered: SEO, security, REST API, Business etc… Also, once again some talks will be provided in English, which proves that the French community is wide and open to foreign speakers! I’m also surprised to see that there’s no e-commerce related talk, in 2016 I find that a bit weird, but well, I know that topic already!

3 – Chris Lema

“My focus is to help people succeed in their efforts.” Chris Lema

Even if I already met Chris a few times, if I recall correctly last time was in San Francisco for the 1st WooConf, it’s always a pleasure to see him on stage again. I am pretty sure that the audience will be really impressed by this guy! Also, please note Chris will also attend, and speak, this year during the 2nd edition of the WooConf in Austin, Texas.

4 – Friends!

I went to pretty much all WordPress events in France and I know a lot of greats guys and gals that I want to see again, so I would be able to go just for friends!

5 – I’ll provide help

As I always do I try to be helpful during conferences. I always meet WooCommerce users that need a hand or a tip. So, if you go to WordCamp Paris and want to ask me questions about WooCommerce, please do, I’ll be more than pleased to help!

6 – Paris is Paris

You know it, Paris had some bad moments last year, but Paris is still Paris, and it’s still the most beautiful town on earth, and guess what, this time the WordCamp is occurring just in front of the Eiffel Tower!

7 – WooCommerce is sponsoring

We often try to sponsor events, and I am proud to represent WooCommerce at WordCamp Paris once again. I’ll bring some nice goodies as well!

8 – JetPack is sponsoring

Now that I am not a WooThemes ninja but also an Automattician, I’ll be representing Automattic as well, and some members of the JetPack team will be there. Jeremy Herve will provide the last talk of these two days, about JetPack of course!

9 – Some New Speakers!

France is a big country, but it’s also pretty small, that’s why you often see the same speakers over and over, hopefully, this time I am super excited to see on stage some new faces!

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