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I wrote pretty often tutorials on WPexplorer, and in my latest post i was talking about a little feature that i love: coloring posts row in administration tables depending on criteria. This is a great way to visually see the difference among all the posts you can have in WordPress.

The main problem i was facing when i was looking for similar features in already existing tutorials, is that it was never complete. Every tutorials about posts rows coloring was talking about coloring the row depending on the post status only. But, with abreat function called get_post_class() you can do much more. That’s what i explain in my tutorial.

Download the plugin now!

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5 responses to “Color My Posts”

  1. Jippi

    Je viens d’installer ce plug in pour tester par rapport à color admin post.
    Je voulais voir le tutoriel, cependant, le lien sur le bouton mène sur 404.
    Où puis-je trouver le Tuto SVP ?
    Merci d’avance

    1. Merci de me l’indiquer, j’ai modifié le lien. Sinon j’ai fait une version premium de ce plugin:

  2. John A

    color my posts:
    I installed color my posts about 1 year ago on a site.
    Now I have no clue where to make changes to the CSS.
    There doesn’t appear to be any documentation or menus of where that is done.

    The readme.txt in the plugins directory says this:
    This plugin allows you to style WordPress posts in the administration depending on many criteria.
    This isn’t helpful at all. Where in the admin???

    If you could add a line under your plugin (on the plugins page) that says:
    Settings can be found HERE, or click here for settings
    that would be very helpful.

    1. Hi, first of all this is a free plugin and there’s no settings page. When i say that it’s a way to modify the posts color in the admin i’m talking about posts lines, i have never said that you can change the colors FROM the admin, that’s why i created a premium version of this plugin.

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